A decade without anime

Supposing that within a few years time there won’t be any Japanese anime and manga left. Maybe in several years time. We could technically be in a decade without anime. But consider the upshots. Just as dinosaur extinction enabled mammalian diversity, anime’s demise would enable other Asian and African industries to flourish big time.

America would be too eager to occupy the adult animation slot but would’ve to share space with other countries, including China and India as these two rise high enough to displace America. It’d be alarming if the new anime, though generally similar enough to Japanese productions, are Chinese in origin.

We could even get Chinese-Filipino co-productions if our own animation industries rise though Chinese-Ghanaian co-productions aren’t impossible either. But given China’s rising affluence, it could exert a greater influence on the global animation industry than we’d realise especially after Japanese anime’s demise.

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