As what somebody else said, nerd culture really isn’t normal for most of the part and most normalfags’ exposure to superheroes is through accessible network telly, merchandise and occasionally movies and very rarely the comics themselves. Especially if they become unavailable, expensive and inaccessible simple as that really. That and download links and illegal scans of comics get taken down anytime.

This leaves with limited options of having to find what’s really available. Not to mention that if DC and Marvel were serious about appealing to the masses so badly they should diversify their publishing and pursue the most readily accessible format if they wanted to avoid piracy too. But that would mean ditching the direct market for good, piss off their fans just to chase after the pleb masses.

It’s like if they tried to pander to people outside of that group, they’d be accused of pandering to SJWs. SJWs are annoying but their right-wing fanboy counterparts aren’t any better either. If there’s any group that aren’t so into politics at all, it would be the pleb masses. The normalfags that watch their movies and the very group they would’ve targeted to if they took risks.

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