Appealing to others

As I said before, if any superhero story were to seriously appeal to anybody else especially the normies they’d get chastised for doing it if SJW allegations are any hint. It may not and needn’t to be SJW but as long as you take a big risk of making stuff appeal more to plebeians you get chastised for it. Supposing somebody took a big risk with The Flash, reject years of esoteric lore and continuity and infuse new influences, that’s going to horrify more than what it’s being done now.

It’s like if somebody replaced science fiction mumbo jumbo with theology and the like in the Flash with the protagonist Barry Allen becoming a Christian that’ll surely anger fanboys a lot more than the telly Flash. The latter is really made by comics fans with esoteric references to the comics every now and then. Having the Flash reference the Divine Comedy is another.

The Divine Comedy may not always be widely read but being an older, more famous work it’s going to exert more unconscious influence than the Flash ever would. Without it, Devil May Cry wouldn’t even exist. Having the Flash reference it proves the point for better or worse.

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