The funny thing

The funny thing about doing anatomy is that everything isn’t always what it seems to be. While building muscle can alter bone density and structure but there’s almost always going to be a body type that can naturally respond to muscle building real well.

You can tell it not only from bone thickness but also from skeletal type and natural mesomorphs, when fairly fit, have balanced physiques perhaps moreso with a protuding ribcage. A natural ectomorph that bulks up a lot give the illusion of being bigger than it really is.

It’s telling that the ribcage is not as protuding that it makes the rest look bigger. Kind of amusing how some people who are naturally muscular who still exercise but don’t do bodybuilding have very aesthetic physiques. Some ectomorphs who exercise a lot whilst bodybuilding can become freakishly and unexpectedly large.

It’s the illusion that makes it look bigger or smaller than it really does.

Animation in my lifetime

Considering Japan’s declining economy coupled with China’s rising economy (and those of their immediate neighbours) one could see the latter becoming the former’s successor. I’ve seen a lot of convincing anime style fan art from China so that makes it really likely. Also just as likely are The Philippines and Indonesia. We even have anime studios over here!

While The Philippines and China are both Japan’s logical successors, Western countries like America are already rivaling Japan in graphic, mature animation and African countries are catching up in making globally recognisable productions if stuff like Supa Strikas and Bino and Fino are any indication.

Not that Japan’ll be entirely forgotten but rather its own animation and comics industries have become museum pieces. Just as the Philippines and China have become the new anime aesthetic hubs, America becomes the new adult animation hub as Ghana and Kenya become major animation hubs by surprise.

The end is nigh for anime

I have a feeling that when it comes to countries with rapidly developing economies such as Kenya and The Philippines, they could produce animation industries that’ll rival Japan one day. Some like Nigeria are already supporting their animation industries and Ghana could cultivate its version of Naruto, albeit based on Anansi stories instead.

Japan already has a declining, ageing population magnified by its xenophobia. It could be its downfall. Animators don’t grow on trees; humans take more years to grow into adulthood than cats and dogs do so that makes animation one of the most unsustainable professions so impractical it can’t last well onto the 2050s.

That’s an exaggeration but it’ll be Japan’s own undoing and possibly that of other developed countries too.