That Scottish wolf girl

Rahne Sinclair is a rare example of a female werewolf character though as what others suggested, female werewolves would’ve been more commonplace in prior lore and even Elizabeth Bathory was pegged as such. Some languages like Spanish* and French easily allow room for feminised versions of words though whether if it also extends to folklore is up to anybody else’s guess.

DC, being Marvel’s rival, pretty much beat the latter to it with House of Mystery featuring a female werewolf and Tigra was going to be one herself. Wolfsbane seems conceptually interesting but her portrayal leaves much to be desired especially not only how she’s presented but also how she uses that ability.

That writers can’t seem to make up their minds over her, that’s other than her conflicted conscience is disappointing. Nonetheless some Scottish folklore has room for a female weredog at the very least and Angela Carter herself has written similar stories, which would essentially be Wolfsbane done right when you bring up religion.

*The Spanish word for she-wolf, ‘loba’, also means a very attractive woman

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