Medieval Pets

The medieval cat persecution is well known but what should be noted that dogs too also got the same treatment especially when stray dogs have to be chased out of churches and that clergymen weren’t allowed to own them. Perhaps earlier as Pope Sylvester II preceded the infamous Pope Gregory whatever his number is.

Keep in mind that it wasn’t always this bad not only with one Croatian monastery but also in the British Isles where there were laws for owning cats. One could say that they’re the exception to the rule, especially medieval Wales and Ireland. Not that they were without certain stories about them and neither did abuse but in practise and legally speaking they tolerated cats better.

Especially when it came to dealing with rats and mice, there was one British church that allowed clergywomen to own cats. While the British Isles weren’t above whatever the rest of Europe did and they were the exception that proves the rule but an interesting and uplifting exception at that.


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