Speak to others

Writing autobiographies or autobiographical stories and poems aren’t bad in and of itself, the real trick here is to make it appealing and relatable to everybody else. That’s hard but it can do a lot of good when it comes to reaching out to others, bothering to show empathy and condolences. Sometimes it’s accidental, sometimes it’s deliberate.

But appealing to everybody is admirable. Some stories don’t bother and are content with appealing to small audiences interested in that topic to begin with. While someone could relate to Marianne Faithfull’s bad school experiences and losing a parent or relative at a young age, it’s predictable that anime nerds will gravitate to stories featuring them.

Even if or when not all of them do as what Serdap said in his blog. Similar things can be said of other stories outside of anime where the same problem persists. It’s one thing to write what’s autobiographical, it’s another to write only for the intended audience in question.


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