Lucky Chance

I have a feeling that if a movie or series about Marquis de Sade were to be done today, it could be more historically accurate or plausible. It makes sense given easier access to sources about his life, moreso with piracy (which isn’t without its copyright violation). Abbe de Coulmier would be given justice since he’s actually short.

Danny DeVito would’ve made a better choice for him and logically John Goodman as Marquis de Sade as they’re closer to truth. At this point, given the need to fight lookism and the success of Game of Thrones one could see Peter Dinklage as a more historically accurate Coulmier. One would have to worry over Madeline being played by an actual underage girl as she was before

A fat Marquis de Sade’s now possible due to the growing sophisticated in fat suits if the programme House is any indication. The full extent of how Sade developed a torturous personality would be filled in the gaps by studies of childhood sadism and wartime torture. It’s not historically accurate but plausible given their contemporary counterparts.


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