It’s gonna get better

Several months ago, there was a Ghanaian pastor who said that 80 % of people in Brong Ahafo (one of those regions over there, the famous ones being Kumasi and Accra) will move out of poverty in 20 years. It’s probably already happening to a given degree with increased salaries, education, health and Internet access. Even life expectancy throughout Sub-Saharan Africa is increasing, somewhere in the 50s to 60s age range.

It could get better as soon as their economies and problems improve. They won’t entirely go away but would lessen over time. Internet access will improve though it wouldn’t be without any issues, whatever issue will happen. Growing numbers of African countries are rising economically and if they do take the time to improve, some of them will leapfrog. That isn’t without its own problems with regards to an ageing population.

That’s already happened in East Asia for similar reasons during the late 20th century. Africa is already catching up and who knows if somewhere some Nigerian would’ve found the cure for AIDs, Zika and Ebola. That too will improve everybody else given Africa’s prone to it and that’s a good thing.


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