In another world

There’s a number of anime stories where an ordinary character lands in an extraordinary world. That itself isn’t anything unusual, if you count Alice in Wonderland and The Divine Comedy as precedents. I think I remember watching this anime on AXN about two women landing in a world full of magical, not medical, dwarves. It’s called Strange Dawn.

Some of the most recent include Sword Art Online and In Another World With My Smartphone. Characters that resemble the author itself or the people the author knows isn’t new either, the real trick is to make the work appealing to anybody else. It’s unsurprising that Alice in Wonderland and Divine Comedy are still widely known and read (to varying degrees).

Meanwhile most other ‘isekai’ stories are well-known to geeks, fewer still are famous to anime geeks and even then some of these are polarising. Probably because they don’t appeal to anybody else but fans who want to live vicariously through those but the same can be said of harems or any other genre if they have those at all.



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