The portrait of a poet as a young man

As he’s often seen with a hat, it’s hard to tell what his actual hair colour’s like. It can only be interfered from both Boccaccio’s description and his own. As what one book, Portraits of Dante, said that the former’s description aptly describes the ageing Dante. Dante mentioned himself going grey and having been blond or lighter haired before. The younger Dante probably wasn’t blond either but lighter than average.
If Dante did go grey, keep in mind that when some European adults age their hair turns gunmetal grey. A veteran journalist named Francesco Caremani also has that colour and there’s research suggesting that memory distorts everytime somebody recalls it. Even Dante and Boccaccio (or any of his informants) aren’t immune to this. It’s highly possible or plausible given there’s hardly any portrait of him without his hat.


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