Squirrel Girl

Some character who’s been under the ire of certain sexist superhero readers for some time now, even though she wasn’t really that pretty when she was initially introduced either. Her shtick involved manipulating squirrels and appropriately dresses or looks like one too. Not always well done but thematically appropriate.

I guess at this point as she has her own magazine, the writing and aesthetic can be too jarring for those used to a more conventionally superhero title. I don’t think it’s a bad thing if they’re trying to establish a unique voice and style for it. Certain themes may annoy people but conceptually speaking it could either be better or get better.

Disliking Squirrel Girl is one thing, tearing issues of it is another and that’s way too much. I don’t think Squirrel Girl’s that ugly and no doubt she has fans but if she has fans, just let it be because there are people who find her interesting regardless of the way she looks and is written.



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