Making away for the new

While many other industrialised countries already have adult animated productions every now and then, for a fairly long time it seemed Japan has a near monopoly on that even if it’s actually pandering to hardcore fans. Increasingly one could say that there are near parallels between the two.

America’s not far behind with its own direct to video productions, some of which is adapted from more serious fare like Dante’s Inferno. The Internet has made it possible to make more of it, beginning with the likes of Newgrounds and Icebox which is now continuing on Netflix, especially with another video game adaptation.

Castlevania’s the one I’m talking about and while it has been in development before, it’s parsimonious to suggest that Samurai Jack’s successful revival on Adult Swim has helped it become a thing. The next one to be adapted is Assassin’s Creed which probably already has its own comics and a film.

There could be many more on the way and disturbingly enough, animation would be used in a way that would be disturbing or illegal in live action. Salo being adapted from 120 Days of Sodom is one thing, animating it is another. Anime like Elfen Lied and Midori are the closest to the cartoon version of Salo at this point.

When it comes to adult animation, if hentai’s any indication one has to be careful with what they wish for.


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