I Will Survive

Perhaps an even bigger question is if any of those languages spoken in Europe (and Japan) were to survive, many of them that is if lucky enough they could survive elsewhere. Not just with former colonies that are either keeping those alive or revitalising them like what Spanish is in the Philippines but also overseas communities dedicated to learning those.

Similar things could be said of certain cultural traits and costumes but inevitably and perhaps sadly some of them will disappear. Who knows if people will continue speaking in Sorbian in 2033 that is unless if outsiders are willing to practise such customs and speak in that language. Growing numbers of those communities could alleviate the problem.

There’s an Italian language centre in Manila as well as scattered Ethiopian and Libyan counterparts which all three could be the language’s and Italy’s salvation in the near future if many more people got to speak it. But similar things could be said of other languages especially if they got really lucky.

It would however take many more factors to keep something like Irish around for years to come.


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