I like dogs but

I like dogs but considering that there are several studies proving the destructive impact stray dogs have on wildlife it would’ve doubly worse for agriculture given that the food, textile and fashion industries depend on those. Had there been a study on the impact of dog predation on both wildlife and livestock but emphasising on the latter in relation to the three industries before it’d be shockingly depressing.

But it’s also unsurprising for some farmers who have to deal with them when guarding their livestock. It also makes you think harder about what you consume because farmers have to work hard on giving what people demand from and warding off predators like dogs. If a study were carried out on the socioeconomic impact stray dogs have on agriculture and related industries it would lead to stricter regulations and harsher attitudes.

The fact that most people depend on sheep, goats, pigs and cows for food and clothing means that canine predation’s far worse not just ecologically but also socioeconomically.


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