Semantics of ownership

There’s undoubtedly some differences in animal ownership whether if it’s due to belief and superstition or due to purpose. One could argue that cat ownership could be higher if you include working cats, most notably barn or farm cats which like some farm or outdoor owned dogs can wreck havoc on the environment. There are shopkeepers that own cats for a similar purpose.

It’s not so much the ownership itself but how it’s defined and used since it seemed that pet ownership statistics take place in private households. It wouldn’t be any better if it including working animals but would present a more balanced picture. It’s not just rural areas that have this attitude but also almost every non-Westernised place. Such ownership effects the animals’ respective ecological niches.

You have mongrel dogs that guard premises and cats that hunt for pests in boutiques and farms. I don’t just see it in the Philippines, that can be also found in places like Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda. Whatever the purpose, owners need to be more careful in minimising ecological disaster that they may bring.


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