Some skepticism

It seems from my experience searching for the Hebrew word for cat, on Google you’re more likely to find the male counterpart (4,760,000 results) being used so it seems the female counterpart (2,750 results) hardly shows up online. If the female version of the Hebrew word for cat is ever frequently used, it’s either dialectal or quite possibly referring to the Yiddish word for cat, which is feminine.

Yiddish seems to be likelier given it’s still spoken among contemporary Jewish communities but rarely so these days. Perhaps due to both Zionism and the Holocaust, Hebrew won out and it’s the language that’s used to assimilate various Jewish communities in Israel. The person who’s saying it probably comes from a community of people that still speak Yiddish.

That’s far likelier given the substratum or something. When the male counterpart’s far more commonly used online than the feminine one, it sort of cements that the Hebrew word for cat is grammatically masculine and that more people write casually on the Internet so it only undermines it.


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