Like armour for the ego

I’ve come to realise that people who try their hide their weaknesses and seek their independence could’ve been bullied or scolded in some manner. It’s not just dealing with scolding or absent parents but also with similar peer groups their age. It’s similar to the fact that both Charles Atlas and Dolph Lundgren were picked on for being skinny and (over)-compensate by becoming swole.

The former’s no different, leading me to believing they have similar origins and psychological profiles. They’re not necessarily bad but they tend to have a habit of overcompensating for their shortcomings and have a fear of being found out. I used to be like this until I ended up confessing more often.

Realising that hiding those problems caused me lots of problems, I had to be more honest no matter how embarrassing it is. Maybe they’re doing similar things even if it’s annoying. It could be doing wonders for them but if they admitted to being picked on before, it’s their way of not being picked on ever again.


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