Kind of Cool

There’s this anime about ice skating predictably called Yuri on Ice. I haven’t watched much of it but it’s one of the few anime that’s watched by non-anime fans at this point. In this case, it’s almost always ice-skaters and those interested in it. It undoubtedly has its problems but it’s got good animation considering it’s budget, that it’s a weekly programme and one could argue that it’s rotoscoped or at least studied real life ice skaters before the fact.

It’s got a vocal fanbase that gets too off-putting for its own good. There was one person who went from liking it to disliking it for whatever reason but primarily because of the outspoken fanbase and perceived storytelling problems. Again I haven’t watched it much so the only thing I can say about it is that it puts good animation to use especially in ice-skating scenes. It’s without both of its merits and vices to sound realistic.


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