The objectivity of bad designs

While many people would say that bad character design is subjective, there’s arguably an objective side to it not just with surveys but with the very presentation itself. Tigra is one comics character whose concept or idea is interesting but her general presentation is disappointing. I do agree that her simply having stripes and a tail’s rather bland.

Unsurprisingly, this would lead to people tweaking her appearance a bit even going so far to give her actual fur and tiger markings. Not just in fan art but also in canon publications. Even her earlier design (as in the Giant Size Creatures magazine) is more convincingly feline but the only time where she actually looked like a tiger was in Marvel Mangaverse.

Thundercats isn’t any better either but there’s more room for characters that look like their namesake animals sometimes to the point of invoking the uncanny valley. There are anime that do present less lazy versions of the animal ear design which leads to interesting costumes if Killing Bites is any indication.

I could get not wanting to appear furry but even then one has to study both human and animal anatomy to create a more believable hybrid.


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