It’s objectively bad

Now when it comes to objectively bad designs, it’s not just anatomy but also clothing choice and coherence given the location, feel and/or intended presentation. Not that there’s anything wrong with women who wear skimpy costumes but if the Legends Football League is any indication, there’s a time and place for it especially in places that needn’t it.

Note that’s a real life team where initially wearing skimpy, flimsy outfits has lead to various mishaps that need not only more durable fabrics but also more protective and modest clothing. Even some women wrestlers dress more sensibly than that, wearing tights to rings and enduring it. Also popstars don’t always wear skimpy outfits.

Athletes’ clothing choices are influenced by their activities. What works for a dancer would suck for a gymnast and ad infinitum. Women’s wrestling and pop music aren’t without their own problems but make more sense for their professions than it would for female American footballers.

That’s something character and costume designers should take note of.


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