Razib Khan’s one of those people that doubt Western beauty standards, in part due to his prior upbringing but he has also made substantial studies debunking those. It’s just that some of them aren’t published in scientific publications and given otherwise contradictory evidence, both anecdotal and statistical, even scientists themselves are biased and flawed.

There’s the prior notion that blond hair correlates to oestrogen and thus less body hair. In reality that doesn’t cancel out hairy blond people, whose own fur is practically invisible given their pallor. I could remember a post by a blond-haired woman who’s also hairy and smart.

In one survey among Swedish women (who’re predictably blond) 94 % of them removed much of their body hair, implying that many of them are naturally hairy.

Nor does it explain why men, in one study, are more likely to have paler hair and eye colours than women do. Much less Dolph Lundgren’s career. That study was done statistically, in another hair colour does correlate with hormones but only in old age where it whitens. Even worse, the semantics of blond hair varies between language and people.

Again so much dubiousness don’t always hold up to statistics.



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