There’s no doubt that blond hair is predominant in Scandinavia but at the same time it would be distorted by outsiders that to them even if most Scandinavians have either light brown or mousy blond hair, they’re still blond enough to them. Here are a few select phrases from a Straight Dope thread:

Because danish people have a very different definition of what is blonde compared to Americans, most of those “hollywood blonde boys” would be considered brunettes in Denmark.

Logically, Clint Eastwood is considered blond elsewhere.

The other thing to keep in mind is that one person’s dark blonde may be another person’s light brown; I suspect that this is the primary cause of confusion here- it’s entirely ambiguous what’s blonde and what’s light brown, much like the difference between auburn and red headed, or strawberry blonde and red headed.

A matter of perspective in relation to the majority colour and that both strawberry blond and light brown would be ‘blond’ to other people. The same goes for red hair and the most extreme are the ones that come in mind as they intended.


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