Peace Corps Dispatches

As recalled from Russian studies on dogs, one gets the impression if culture is to do blame for such biases and that scientists themselves are fallible and just as prone to societal biases and prejudices like everybody else. Phrenology was once a legitimate science as is ‘racialism’.

Now I recall from reading a thread on the Peace Corps reddit that there were people who shared their stories about pets in other places especially with people who have a more utilitarian view of them. Mind you there are still many people who keep dogs for guarding property and premises.

From my own experience, it’s like that with mongrel strays or askals. Even most Philippine dog owners make their dogs do this. In addition to that, you have the fear of dogs and superstitions about them. There are Chinese superstitions about white-clawed/pawed dogs, global superstitions about black dogs and ad infinitum.

Whatever but it does say about differing cultural views though that still varies between individuals within those places.


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