Unlucky love

Asian American men seem to be at the short end when it comes to sexual desirability though that doesn’t explain other things. Considering that both Asians and Native Americans were grouped under Mongoloids, so one would logically assume that they both have small penises but the latter gets sexualised. I could be wrong about that too.
Conversely speaking, most Mexicans aren’t that tall either but they still get sexualised more often than their Asian counterparts do. So there must be other factors into play. It could be that Mexicans can get away with being short by being hypermasculine or so as the stereotypes suggest. Asian men are logically stereotyped as the opposite even if it’s not always and still isn’t the case.
But for every Bruce Lee there’s a Long Duk Wong. Even if Bruce Lee married a white girl, he’s also another stereotype. White men predictably get wider portrayals than they do though I won’t be surprised if there are any concerted efforts to minimise such prior portrayals.


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