They don’t read comics

It’s not a bad thing especially if they can bring in new influences and do research into the characters or at least the essentials and ideas of them. It needn’t to be exact for as long as they get the idea of them right. That’s as if a writer developed enough experiences with actual journalists as well as being interested in them and their works (and doing journalism itself) to write about one for DC or Marvel.

To me, that’s more important than getting too obsessive over the details of certain characters in stories because you might not enjoy the way they’re sometimes portrayed or that it would take too much time. You might start thinking that Tim Drake, as he was initially presented, sucked and you  make him resemble Marquis de Sade to make him flashier.

It could be any other character but that’s inevitable with people who hardly read comics but get to write them anyways. They’re not too beholden to things. While fans would get upset over Tim sinning, the writer who isn’t a fan of him to begin with would allow him to sin. It says a lot about fan entitlement and being too attached.


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