Fanboy entitlement

Complaining that DC and Marvel don’t pander to sexist, racist fanboys is one thing. The fact that DC hired a writer who hates or at least is indifferent to Tim Drake is another. If that happened, that would mean becoming more objective to him and making him make mistakes. Like he gets into trouble with Batman for enjoying BDSM and pornography or killing dogs as he hates those.

The fact that his paraphilia and hatred of dogs gets him into trouble a lot means that he’s fallible and his actions have consequences. He can disappoint people. I feel similarly about celebrities, which has influenced me somewhat to not only to try to accept them but wish they’d get better or something. Similarly for Tim fans, they’d still wish he’d get better or even let him go.

Some would still be attached to him and be blind to his newfound flaws but at least here’s a Tim Drake that’s actually fallible and imperfect.


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