Fan entitlement

I suspected before that if a writer who’s never beholden to Tim Drake and hardly reads comics ever got to write his adventures, there’s a chance that the writer could accidentally destroy fanboys’ perceptions of him and treat him as a flawed, sinful human being. Allowing Tim to be truly fallible and imperfect.

Like if he hates dogs, is a pervert and a sadist who gets into trouble with Batman. Fans would stop projecting themselves onto him but still feel upset about not being entitled to him anymore. The problem with fan entitlement is that they get too attached to not only the character but try to make it look perfect.

Even though that results in a Mary Sue and nobody likes those. A writer who’s hardly attached to him and seldom reads comics could expose not only his flaws but also the problems with fan entitlement to him. Is it wrong if Tim masturbates a lot or enjoys porn in his spare time?

Everybody else did it or something similar, if he did it he’d be far more relatable but some fans would be horrified even if that means accepting that Tim, despite being fictional, does make mistakes and disappoint people.


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