A Handmaid’s Tale

I remember reading this book before and it’s about a woman living in a very fundamentalist America where women’s sexual activity is severely restricted. Though it was composed in the Republican, Reaganite 1980s it’s relevant enough to continue getting adapted for other media.

The first of which starred Faye Dunaway, followed by a ballet, opera and a telly series starring Elizabeth Moss. I heard there’s also going to be a comic book adaptation. As to why it’s relevant, it deals with issues like severe clothing and sexual restrictions on women and slut-shaming.

You also have the issue of surrogate mothers who act as donors for real mothers. This isn’t just an issue with adopted children who’re forcibly taken apart from their ‘sinful’ mothers (the Magdalene laundries are any indication) but also historically among some women they had wet nurses who breastfed their children.

Not only that you also have women policing other women if they behave out of line in a rather misogynistic context and stuff. There’s still high rates of female illiteracy in other countries which is also the case in A Handmaid’s Tale.

Again many things described in that story easily have real life precedents and counterparts, thus validating its relevancy.


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