Can’t write to save a character’s life

On the topic of sexualisation, that sort of sexuality is best handled by certain people when done sparingly and with care like in stories like In Clothes Called Fat. Or as what some people have said about one anime called Cutey Honey, it’s done by people who’ve been in relationships as opposed to several other anime which seems to be made by people who haven’t been there.

That makes sense if only because that would mean seeing people as more than their sex appeal and becoming more perceptive to such things. Characterisation is one thing but that’s only doable if the character isn’t such a stereotype to begin with. That’s like the difference between Marianne Faithfull and Lara Croft. One’s real and fallible.

The latter’s completely subjected to her creators’ whims and desires. That itself’s off as I don’t play video games much but it examines the problems with writers trying to characterise female characters. They’re still fallible in what they do, it’s however a matter of open-mindedness and life experience to create more believable female characters.


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