Whither the stereotypical Jew

There are undoubtedly Jewish stereotypes for as long as it exists in relation to the Gentile majority and vice versa if you read the Old Testament and/or live among Jews. What has changed is how Jewish stereotypes are presented over the years. At some point or another Jews were distinguished by wearing strange hats!

That or them wearing yellow stars and even red hair! (It still does exist to some extent with South Park’s Kyle.) It seems the red-haired Jew of medieval yore has been supplanted by the red-haired Gael. That itself isn’t any better as most Scots and Irish are dark-haired themselves too.

Perhaps the most persistent would be having big noses but that itself isn’t unique to Jews and even Arabs, Armenians, Native Americans, Indians and Italians don’t always have large hooked noses either. (Sometimes it’s just a hooked medium nose.)

Other than that is usury, which originated in the Middle Ages as some churches forbade moneylending for most people. Most Jews probably aren’t like this either. It’s even forbidden in both Jewish literature and law.

Sometimes new stereotypes happen, which only makes other Jews want to fight it anyways.



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