Among some people, there’s a tendency to confuse good acting with charisma but this isn’t always the case especially with those attuned to theatrical acting and historical reenactment where with the latter the acting has to be convincing enough to have the actors disappear into their roles effectively.

According to somebody on Quora, in early German cinema the focus was on the role itself and how convincingly portrayed it is not on the actor’s celebrity or otherwise if the latter were emphasised the film would be a failure. This could also apply to British acting and theatrical acting and historical reenactment in general.

There’s room for bad British and German actors just as there are good American and Nigerian actors. There are good telly actors and bad theatrical actors but what’s unmistakable isn’t just talent but also the amount of training to care for and refine it.

That’s like the difference between somebody who’s talented at writing but learnt things on the go and somebody who’s also talented but is also formally trained. Not a good analogy but it explains things.