Who remembers the Lensman?

Considering that most early superhero writers like Stan Lee were reared on pulp fiction and even he considered writing prose himself, it’s parsimonious that their contemporaries could’ve continued fondly remembering stories like the Lensman, Doc Savage and The Shadow. The latter three are gaining fans or at least some needed attention in years.

But as they’re overshadowed by their better known counterparts in Green Lantern, Superman and Batman one wonders what would happen next if they too will be next. For one thing, most of the people producing and consuming superhero media are increasingly adult whilst most kids are more interested in whoever or whatever is relevant on YouTube.

While I won’t be surprised if contemporary writers are catching up on that, but in due time most people will outgrow superheroes and move onto the hottest fad in fashion those that continue to cling onto Batman or Ariana Grande could be left behind. For every Jesus Christ, there’s going to be the discontinued cult of Mithras.

I remember going to a Duran Duran board with one poster saying that no matter how successful Duran Duran gets to be again, it’ll never go back to its prime. It went on comparing it to the fall of druidism and the rise of Christianity, which the latter’s compared to hip hop.

Hard for me to say but it’s going to befall other franchises over time.


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