End of an era

Maybe not quite but I don’t think superhero media and anime will ever last in their current form at all. There will come a point when people will get tired of superheroes and only very few of them will continue to have any commercial viability, just not in their current forms. Certain factors could play a part in growing apathy. It could even create a backlash.

Anime itself would be in a bad position. There could still be a Japanese animation industry but the demand for it won’t remain the same especially when other non-Western countries prioritise their own animation industries. Be damned if the next Naruto is actually Ghana’s Anansi. Nigeria’s Bino and Fino is shaping up to be a success but others like Uganda are catching up.

Even Western animation could fill in the gap where anime left, especially considering how rapidly ageing and xenophobic Japan is. The best it can do is rely on co-productions with other countries for surviving but it’s already happening now.

The next generation of geeks would be very unfamiliar with superheroes and anime like how this generation is unfamiliar with the likes of Flash Gordon and Lensman.


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