When anime dies

I have a feeling that when the Japanese anime industry does decline real badly, anime channels would have to diversify in their offerings and accept more non-Japanese and non-Western animation. In 30 years time, Animax could air a really successful South African cartoon that gains a cult following on par with anime.

The most successful African cartoon at this point is the Nigerian children’s franchise Bino and Fino. Considering that Nigeria’s funding its own animation industry, other African countries could follow suit if it becomes very successful. The next Naruto could come from Ghana and that Naruto is the folkloric character Anansi.

Basically both a black Spider-Man without even trying and Spider-Man before his time. Logically the next Hayao Miyazaki is also Ghanaian. In reality, there’s already a Ugandan animator who’s emulating Walt Disney’s success and is trying to turn his own animation into a franchise.

It makes sense that Southeast and African countries all have fairly young populations eager enough to adapt to and manipulate new industries and influences. It could even come sooner if such animation industries are sufficiently funded and take off big time.


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