What will replace anime?

Considering that the Japanese audience for anime is rapidly ageing, it’s inevitable that anime would have to adapt or die. At this point it’s being supported by a large Asian audience but it’s got a smaller audience in Africa. If anime dies, what will replace it?

It can’t always be up to the hardcore fans who ultimately want more of the same and force producers to cater to their every whim. Other Asian countries like China and Philippines have a large enough audience receptive to anime, so they could make their own and Japan’s catering to the latter by coproducing a cartoon soon enough.

Disturbingly enough but like I said, the next Naruto or Hayao Miyazaki could be Ghanaian. Somebody could turn the Anansi stories into a profitable franchise and a legitimate artistic endeavor. As for serious adult animation, I think Americans are more eager to take advantage of the same space that the Japanese used to occupy.

They have a substantial market for that and a large enough adult cult following to consume and produce this. Regardless if it’s American or Ghanaian, the next big anime wouldn’t be Japanese.


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