Politically incorrect

Given the never-ending complaint towards politically correct superhero media, there’s a possible reaction to it anytime soon. We’re going to be dealing with a new generation of deliberately politically incorrect stories. Whether if Tim Drake gets racebent just to spite him or if a racebent character suddenly has albinism (though the latter could be accidental), it’s going to happen.

It probably happened or at least came close, just not on a massive scale let alone with any real calculation. If it did happen at all, it’s going to cause a commotion bigger than anything else. Somebody went around deliberately provoking people by having Tim Drake be a stereotypical black sex offender because the writer hates him.

Here we have a purposely offensive version of a familiar character that got published to the detriment of everybody else and DC still banks on it despite everything. (One could suggest that having a proxy like Duke Thomas is objectively better than having Tim Drake go black.)


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