Last year, somebody wrote an article about Disneybounders or adult Disney fans. The corporation has had some adult fans before but any attention to them is increasing. It seemed that the generation the piece is talking about are those that grew up in the Disney Renaissance. Unsurprisingly some of them are even working at Disney.

They’re producing productions for it, which could increase in the future. The same can be said of their peers at Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network but also anybody at Newgrounds and Youtube. There’s still 2D animation in the form of Flash animation but could be refined to resemble its more traditional counterpart. It’s probably already being done in some productions.

If you have adult fans working on their nostalgic productions, they could bring their sensibilities over at it and it’s already happening. The next step is creating their own productions though that involves funding. It would take a coproduction to make an animated Divine Comedy become successful on telly.

Maybe several more but with enough support adult fans can make it a reality.


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