Along came a spider

Spider-Man’s one of the most globally recognisable superheroes in the world and he’s been adapted for a lot of media. But it’s parsimonious to suggest that while several interpretations of Spider-Man are drawn from the cult magazine, there’s a Spider-Man comic strip written by Stan Lee.

The latter has a more casual readership that discovers him by chance and would seem really corny, showing that the Man can make mistakes. The newspaper Spider-Man is practically the direct descendant of the earlier Spider-Man stories, continuing where the old stories left off.

As Stan no longer works for Marvel, he’s generally left to his device writing an untarnished Spider-Man. Aside from film and telly productions, this is the Spider-Man most people encounter making it one of the few superhero comics to attract a larger, casual audience.

Like I said, the Spider-Man magazine has a cult following and it’s the one that gets talked about online more often. Few people read it, let alone legally so. But it’s the one that gets adapted for other media which the newspaper strip is presumably not spared from either.

Admittedly I’m not much of a Spider-Man fan but I’ve experienced him enough to know him.



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