Stranger Reboots

Like I said about DMC and Dante’s Inferno, when the latter was released the former had to distance itself to avoid any further comparisons because otherwise it would’ve done it right as it was inspired by the Divine Comedy earlier and longer. This reboot would still irritate some people by being even closer to the original source material.

It would’ve ended up as a reaction to Dante’s Inferno either way. People will still complain about the rebooted Dante, even if he still resembles the old DMC Dante. I don’t play video games but as somebody who’s researched about the real Dante I think the reboot could (and should) have Dante struggling with his brother.

He used to look up to him and now he’s his enemy, which is somewhat closer to how the original Dante felt about the original Virgil. Dante dealing with a fallen role model would’ve helped the reboot better. Though making DMC more faithful to the source material would’ve taught EA a few lessons, it still would’ve been problematic either way.


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