A dialogue

I’ve thought about it before but I’ll explain it in full detail. To give you an idea of what would happen if the infamous Marquis de Sade met the ghost of Italy’s most beloved poet, look no further than the former’s ‘Dialogue entre un prete et un moribund’ but transposed onto Divine Comedy. Dante would replace Virgil and Sade in turn replaces Dante.
As predicted, Dante would try to guide and shield Sade from temptation and sin but due to Sade’s stubborn atheism he fails to go to purgatory and heaven with him. Sade rings the bell as Dante flies away, returning to Heaven. It would have to be padded and be similar in length to ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’ to address wherever Sade goes with Dante.
But ultimately it’s an extended version of Dialogue Between A Priest and A Dying Man.


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