The Other Dantes

The more I think about the way the two Dantes are presented in DMC and Dante’s Inferno, the more I think about deviations in the iconography associated with Dante. Keep in mind that there was one illustrated version of Divine Comedy that had him clad in blue. (It made me think he looked like a nun in those.)

Speaking of those two, I’d like to go on saying that not only did DMC Dante consistently looked closer to traditional representations of Dante Alighieri but both of them have lost their mothers so early. I remember some video game reviewer saying that the marketing behind Dante’s Inferno made DMC seem respectful in comparison.

There certainly are Dante scholars that didn’t like DMC but I also think it’s got to do with DMC putting an entirely different spin on Divine Comedy which Dante’s Inferno would eventually follow. Either relative obscurity or that DMC never went too far in its marketing.


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