Rockist virgins, poptimist whores

Like I said about the weird possibility of an asexual popstar that composes its own music, it’d be held up as the standard for other popstars to be judged by not just by merit but by sexuality. Its asexuality absolves and validates the problems with most popstars.

It’s about the virgin and whore and why they’re pitted against each other. The Virgin Mary is held as a standard for most Catholic women to follow by, which says a lot about how an asexual, super-talented popstar would be like.

The problem is that the virgin is held by a far higher standard so it’s not expected to fail and sin. The real Virgin Mary would have sinned and could have lusted, even suspected of promiscuity. An asexual popstar would put the real Mary to shame.

But the Marian analogy is appropriate given how it’ll be perceived by the public.


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