Intimidated by perfection

A talented rockist, asexual popstar would be easily deemed as the epitome of female perfection in musicianship to the point of being like a real life Mary Sue. Others would be intimidated by her popularity and appeal and even try to find fault with her.

She’d be unsurprisingly very popular with straight male fans whose asexuality and craftsmanship sits well with them. Her asexuality would be used to project their desires onto her even as she gets annoyed by them.

As an asexual, she’d have more of a say on sexual objection and be trusted by them. After all, they’d be more intimidated by women who willingly use their sexuality and express it by having bad taste in men, singing sexually explicit lyrics, enjoy smut and wank.

Women aren’t supposed to do this and an asexual popstar would be used as a standard by which others will eventually be judged by for better or worse.

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