This is the voice

As somebody who’s been used to listening to music for years, I’ve come to detect nuances. If I were to describe Mina Mazzini’s voice, it’s rather limited (a bit sharp) owing to her prior smoking habit but she makes the most out of it. I suspected that Mylene Farmer not only has very extensive musical training but also takes care of her voice. Natali has a nice, comforting pop voice.

Though I don’t listen to OPM much, I suspected that there are going to be singers that rival their American counterparts and could either be musically better or more sensible than them. Some of the most well-known Philippine pop divas aren’t that heavily sexualised themselves and still manage to be commercial successes. They may not write their own songs but do try to have a good public image.

That’s conductive for business and reputation, something some Western singers need to learn from at times. It could be that I bother to give it a try and have come to distinguish between loud but melodic voices, super-abrasive ones and very limited, shouty ones. You need to listen to more music to distinguish better.


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