The problem with overhype

The problem with overhype and hype in general is that sometimes it might not live up to its reputation. It could verify certain suspicions but then again they’re flawed to begin with. Very few things live up to the hype well and these include Jesus Christ. Dubious as he is to some, he’s one of the most influential figures to date.

He’s technically long dead but he’s alive and well to those who believe in him and he’s still far more relevant to the human race than musician will ever be. At the very least he lived up to his reputation and fulfilled everything especially with his teachings being spread globally and continuously.

Worldly things will never live up to the hype, they’re fallible and imperfect. Some say it’s a byproduct of a sinful world but it’s simple to say that they’re going to be flawed and disappoint people. Painful as it sounds, being hyped isn’t what it’s supposed to do and be.


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