Like I said about Sarah Geronimo and to some extent Regine Velasquez and a few other OPM musicians, they’re irritatingly flawed and don’t write their own songs but still commercially succeed without being so sexualised. Likewise Russia’s Natali and France’s Mylene Farmer crank out thoughtful pop lyrics and still be commercial and popular. Italy’s Mina Mazzini doesn’t write her own songs but is regarded as one of the most respected pop songstresses.

The real problem is that I think with some pop fans, especially those that listen to too much American pop is that they don’t bother giving other international pop stars a chance, let alone realise that some of the ideals they’re looking for are going to be outside of other places. They’re still far from perfect but manage to fulfill certain aspects like being demure but still commercially successful or artistic and successful for another matter.

Let alone be doing it outside of the more familiar American singers, not that they’re bad but there are a hell lot more choices out there that they haven’t learnt about.


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