When it comes to entering an industry, you should have to maintain your reputation or at least improve on it to continue working. You can be flawed but you have to conduct yourself well. Otherwise if you don’t improve or stop, you get screwed all over again. Like trying to respect others and obey. That’s not easy but necessary.

Keep in mind that any celebrity is a brand and their fame can ruin or help their reputation and vice versa. Consider this, if an anonymous person killed an animal it would make news but would be far worse if a celebrity did it. Its reputation gets wrecked and causes lots of strife and grief.

Lostprophets is one example of an emo band whose band member turned out to be a convicted paedophile and thusly not only lost its reputation but had its songs released in the public domain with the remaining members regrouping with somebody else. Or what Michael Jackson ended up doing in the 1990s, which made him an even bigger target.

MJ might not have been a paedophile but his own mistake ruined his career and reputation until he died. That’s one cautionary story.


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