Original Song, Do Not Steal

For those who don’t know, Ysan Roche is a long-suffering musician who at this point doesn’t show much ill to Lady Gaga even if she nearly sued her for plagiarism. Who knows as Roche’s inspired her, there could come a time when or if Gaga has tested her patience bad enough to get her really mad.

One could say similar things about how Aisha Goodison feels about Madonna. This to me examines the real problems that rockists have with the pop music industry. Having to credit the actual songwriter should be the case and while not writing your own songs seems bad enough, plagiarising from somebody else is even worse. There are cases where it’s okay to not write your own songs, especially if it’s public domain.

With the public domain (folk and liturgical songs included), one can get away with not writing their own lyrics. Plagiarism however involves stealing stuff from what’s already trademarked, patented and copyrighted. Musicians that do plagiarise aren’t necessarily bad but they surely lack better ideas. In due time, Goodison and Roche will be given real credit but how soon?


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