Demure and successful

That isn’t to say that Philippine pop or OPM isn’t without sexualised pop songstresses though they aren’t as common as their more demure counterparts are. Regina and Sarah aren’t without fault but they’re far more recognisable to many more Filipinos than their American counterparts are especially from experience. Adele’s a great international example of a successful pop songstress that needn’t to be sexualised to be this successful.

She’s even more successful than her peers are and that’s saying. For that matter, sophisticated Top 40 has always existed whether if it’s Mylene Farmer or Natali or Mina Mazzini. The last one doesn’t write her own songs but the songs she sings like ‘Brivido Felino’ are elegant and soothing. Certain fans like Gaga and Ariana stans get on my nerves because I get the feeling that they haven’t learnt and listened to other musicians enough.

I could be wrong. While the former two aren’t as flashy as they are, they’re more recognisable and relevant to the overall Philippine public just like what Mylene is to France, Natali to Russia and Mina to Italy.


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